Giving Litter Boxes a Glow-Up

Experts will tell you that one should always have more litter boxes than cats in a happy kitty home. Unfortunately, most houses and apartments don’t come with that “perfect spot” for a cat to do their business. Let’s face it—most of us don’t want an open litter box around when we’re relaxing in the living room or cooking in the kitchen.

The Secret Litter Box is the savvy cat owner’s secret weapon. It provides cats a place for a little privacy while not detracting from your decor. In fact, the sleek design and attractive faux plant add a touch of class and a pop of color to any space. 

Take the discretion up a notch with our reusable litter-box liners and designer litter mats. They make changing the litter a breeze and ensure guests will be none the wiser that there’s something more than meets the eye with your planter in the corner.

Though we can probably all agree that scooping litter is one of the least-glamorous parts of owning a cat, we're doing our part to bring the glamor back into every aspect of life with a kitty.

Meet Our Founder, Mikayla

One night, I came home after a long day at work, looked at my beloved kitty’s unsightly litter box, and sighed. My home was supposed to be my safe space and her litter box was really stinking up my sanctuary.

There had to be some sort of compromise, so I started looking for solutions. I was disappointed by the options I found, which left me with only one choice—I had to create one myself.

As someone with a passion for interior design and sustainability, this was an exciting creative challenge. I worked with an engineer and an expert in product design to bring the Secret Litter Box to life using materials that safeguard the Earth. 

Then came the most important part: making sure cats would like it, too! After weeks of trials with all kinds of cats, we had their official paw-print of approval.

And now I want to share my litter solution with all the other cat owners out there who love their kitties but don’t love their litter box—yet.

Our Paw-mise to You

Count on us for high-quality cat stuff to handle your cat’s…stuff. We believe you and your cat deserve the very best.

All of our products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and our commitment to your complete cat-isfaction. We prioritize customer service because hearing that you’re happy is mew-sic to our ears!

We are devoted to more than just our customers and their kitties—we also care deeply about the Earth. That’s why we're working toward creating a line of completely recyclable and sustainable litter solutions.

Put your trust in our designer products that were made by cat lovers for cat lovers.